Organizing Your Computer

Some people have lots of icons and folders on their desktop, I’m not one of them.  I like to organize and create folders online that make sense according to the way I organize offline.  I have house info, writing things, church things, kids stuff, finance items, financial club items, good to know items, recipes, school and career info.  Then on my email account I also use folders.  Things to keep based on the activities/clubs I’m part of, pictures, inspiration items (for a cheer up on those hard to get going days), and my to do item, where I keep ebills, emails to follow up on, things like that.  I think each person will be most comfortable with their own system, but having a system makes everything so much easier.

I did get a new computer this week and it is driving me crazy, that’s not super organized with my files and fav links already.  I’ve been super busy this week, so I go to bed and wake up each morning dreading all I have to do to catch up.  It’s hard to carry things over from day to day, because I get so used to finishing my to do’s each day. I know I’ll catch up though….


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