I love my budget.  I never thought of doing a cash flow see previous post:(https://organizedmama.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/cash-flow-and-other-cool-things-to-keep-your-money-organized/ )  until I started being an at home mom.  I had cash flows and budgets in my corporate job but I thought we’d be ok with a basic budget- utilities, mortgage, cars, food, etc.  each month.  Then when we went to a one income family and things weren’t adding up, my husband pointed out that if we kept closer track to our $, things would get easier, then came the cash flow.  It was amazing how fast a few dollars here and there added up. 

That was going fine but still not perfect, so I figured being a stringent planner, I could plan for everything else, thus became budget extras.  This is a word document that is broken up by months and includes all birthdays, anniversaries, donations, school fees, clothing fees, pet fees, car maintainence fees, magazine subscriptions, doctors appointments, seasonal and holiday items.  It is a huge benefit.  I’ve shared the idea with some friends and they love it.  It’s great to plan ahead.  When you have the figures in front of you, it makes things a lot easier.


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