It’s Saturday Night and I feel Alright

well except for a slight sinus headache.  So this week we had the snow of a lifetime( according the weather guy we won’t ever see this much at once again in our lives), I was snowed in with the kids and my husband feeling kind of frustrated and full of self pity.  Then I got out and went to work for 2 days and I felt alive again.  Then the Olympics came on and I love the opening ceremonies.  Then I went to church tonight.  Things are going well the past few days, so much so that when I just ordered a book called Calm my Anxious Heart a womens guide to finding contentment, by Mary Dillow, I stopped for a moment and thought do I need this book?  Will it help?  I’m reading the Bathtub is Overflowing but I feel drained by Lysa TerKeruest and it’s such a good book. 

So this week after a rough start I am feeling more content and there was no exercise or good eating involved.  I haven’t been worried about what others think and I noticed that if I am busy, I don’t get so caught up in silly worries and thinking about myself. 

Here is something from Oprah that I love:

“What I know for sure: Often we don’t even realize who we’re meant to be because we’re so busy trying to live out someone else’s ideas. But other people and their opinions hold no power in defining our destiny.”

I want to know who I am meant to be and not who others expect or want me to be!


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