German Short Hair Pointers-super loyal

So I wanted to write about my dog.  But since the snow storm, I’ve had to park behind my house and the crazy dog gets crazier and has anxiety if we leave from the back door.  Yesterday he trashed my kitchen because of this and the week before he trashed the kitchen on Friday. 

I feel bad for him, I really do, but after almost 5 years and really good training you’d think he wouldn’t freak out when we leave and he can’t see us.

Our dog is such a good dog otherwise and today I am not mad at him any more.  If we give him a treat to chew on when we are gone, he will leave the bone or chew until we come home because he wants to enjoy it while we are home.

When I had my preemie and was in the hospital for over a week, the poor dog was a lost soul.  We had dog sitters (my brother and his fiance and my aunt), but he knew something was up and then finally when I came home and the baby was still in the NICU he laid by me on the couch with his head on my lap and looked so sad, it was like he knew she should be home with us but wasn’t.

When my dad’s house burned down and they lived with us for a few weeks with their dog, he was so excited.  He had a friend.  He also has some cats to play with.  Our one cat, which is a brown havana loves him.  They are the best of friends, they snuggle and chase each other and share treats. 

He is hyper, all GSP’s are.  He loves to run and walk and play in the yard.  He even loves the mounds of snow we have right now.  He likes to swim and we often take him to a friends pond and let him swim.  He doesn’t hunt, but has caught the occasional bird in the yard.

He can be a grumpy old man if he is sleeping and we “disturb” him to go to the bathroom, but mostly he’s loveable.  He’s about 90 pounds and thinks he’s a lap dog.  He will inch his way slowly onto my lap or snuggle at my feet.  He also climbs into our bed in the middle of the night and sleeps at our feet there too.

If we go out to eat, we bring a treat for him.  If the neighbors make any meat- burgers, hotdogs, steaks, prime rib they bring some over for him. 

He is a people person and loves attention and is super good with our kids- a pre-schooler and a toddler.  He can be a little jumpy with them, but we are all used to him and try to knock be in his way when he is running.

Last year we took him to the blessing of the animals at my church and he was so excited to be able to see all the other animals. 

I’ve just never seen a dog so loyal, he lights up when my husband comes home from work.  He snuggles with me as much as he can.  He takes hugs from the kids and sometimes if they play too rough, he just sits there until I pull the kids off of him.  He is a wonderful addition to the family.  I didn’t know about the breed when we got him, which in hindsight was a stupid thing to do, when looking for a dog, but we’ve grown together and he is an awesome addition to our family.


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