Lent- Finally getting it

So yesterday I went to church for Ash Wednesday.  I was trying to think of things to give up, but like most people my age, I never put much thought into it.  Just stopped eating chocolate or chips for 40 days and went right back to it.

This year I feel I get it better.  I am growing in my faith and Lent is a way to bring my focus back to God and to grow closer to Him.  So I am giving up snacking and junk food.  I’ve already tried to go to an old habit and then instead I just saw a prayer or give thanks.  I am hoping this will bring my focus and down time or times when I am bored back to where it should be.

I am also giving up dinner on a Friday night and taking the money I save and giving it to World Hunger relief at my church at the end of Lent.  I am blessed to have more than enough food and it’s easy to ignore hunger or not pay much mind to it.  In doing this I am hoping to bring awareness to my children of how blessed we are to have an abundance of food and also to myself.  So I can see in a small small way what being hungry feels like and know how much prayers and donations can do to help those who are hungry.

Just my small part, but something and I am so excited, and I feel so much more energetic today.  I am also reading a Lenten devotional.  I can’t wait to be pulled closer to God through this Lenten season .

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