peer pressure

I’ve been invited to go out with some friends this weekend.  I would like to just get dinner and come home.  I like being at home, I like getting to bed early-ish and I like relaxing a little bit on the weekends.  But I know that my friends will be disappointed if I go home right away and they may get upset.  You would think this kind of insecurity would not exist at my age, but it does.  I always have that desire to make everyone happy and to fit in.  I don’t have that esteem that others have because in the back of my mind, I am always thinking oh no they will abandon me and then I won’t have friends and yes I know that’s not logical, but that’s what happens when you grow up with divorced parents.  I was also feeling bad for myself because again I am letting facebook get the best of me, so I went shopping and spent way too much $ today.  I’ve tasted contentment and it was so sweet, I just wish I could get back to there.


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