Contentment- Income, Status and Debt

In March, I am going to look at how contentment is affected by income and status and the role debt plays in that.

We all have seen or wished we were the Jones’ at one point in time, but is life always happier on the other side of the perfect fence?  Will I feel content if I get the large flat screen tv, the Mercedes, the latest cell phone and the $200 jeans? How does going into debt to provide your kids and yourself with the lifestyle you deserve effect being content? 

I think this will be an interesting month as I look into these things and how they effect my life. 

Truth be told I am still off balance from losing all the info saved on my new computer and it’s hard for me to focus on what I want/need to do right now.  Which brings another point does the ideal of perfection and total organization help me feel secure and more content or does it make me more insecure and feel less satisfied when I see people who aren’t as organized getting by fine in life???

Lastly what role does my former career and being important to other people and accountable at my old job add to or take away from my current status as a mom?  How is that effecting my contentment?

So bring on March lion or lamb.


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