Feb Contentment Results

So I think I am too tied up with myself.  My new computer crashed and I was freaking out because I didn’t have my files and what feels to me control of my life.  For a few hours I kind of felt free, released, then I thought no way I’ll miss something important, I’ll forget something.  So I’ve been trying to retrack everything from my old computer but of course it’s not up to date.  It’s all so frustrating, but I realize being in control and keeping my stuff in order is a huge deal to me, maybe more than it should be, because it takes my focus. 

As the second month has now passed and the second focus of my contentment year is going on, I don’t feel really super content.  I feel calmer and I feel like I am getting easier on myself.  I’m still feeling scatterbrained about the whole computer crash thing, but in the mean time.  I’ll focus on March and my contentment plan.


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