Real Housewife of Suburbia Moments this week

I went out to dinner with some friends last weekend and they looked so nice.  All skinny and dressed nice.  I was my normal frumpy self, with a nice shirt and sensible, but dressy shoes.  I am what I imagine a mom looks like, my friends look like fashionistas next to me.  I used to think when I grow up I will never let myself go.  I also thought I would stay a size 2 forever, but marriage and genes changed that and then the addition of children topped it off.  I was talking to my one friend and she said something about me being a housewife.  They both work full time.  I know that housewives at the gym and on tv are glamourous, even Kate Gosselin morphed into this thing that does not look mom-ish, and now she’s dancing with the Stars, I mean I have 2 kids and don’t have time to dance, how does a single mom of 8???  But anyway, I never liked the gym.  I go to walk, but don’t do classes or machines.  Being slim was not a big deal for me growing up, there was no pressure to look a certain way.  For awhile I was a mess.  After my 1st child I had postpartum and looked worse than a drowned rat most days.  After my second child who was born early, each day was just there to get through and I had no time for me.  Now I am getting some time in the bathroom to get ready in the morning, I try to dress nice, but to me a Lands End outfit is how I want to be dressed, not anything from Black house White house or whereever most of my friends go.  So this whole thing reminded me of what I have done the past week, that glamourous housewives on tv don’t do but that us everyday moms do do:

-made a large pot of soup for church, for the Lenten celebration

-prepared Sunday School lessons

-watched my computer crash, after I downloaded all the docs for my financial club taxes

-took my child for a hearing test and prepared for another

-registered my other child for kindergarten and swimming, and triathalon, and soccer, and today I have a conference with the pre-k teacher

-planned an outing to the library for the kids with their friends

-bought baby shower gifts online

-bought toddler gifts and clothes in the store

-grocery shopped

-made pasta e fagilio


-cleaned( really cleaned the kitchen floor, we could eat off it today!! )

-watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs

-decided whether to buy an aquarium frog and the answer was no

-finished a good book

-fed and cleaned up after the cats/dog/hermit crab

-budgeted for the car inspection (ouch)

-paid the oil bill (Ouch Ouch)

-prayed and gave thanks for this blessed life and my new found adventure as a mom

What great mom things have you done this week?


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