can you be too organized???

I’ve been thinking about this since last week, when my computer crashed (yes I am still feeling that hurt!!).  I was so overcome with the need to try to remember and recapture all my files and plans and numbers and stories. I was racking my brain for days, searching my planner.  Ignoring my husband, friends, kids and prayers.  All in the attempt to gain control over my stuff.  I was sleepy, really sleepy- my husband laughs because my stress mechanism is to get tired.  I just go to sleep, in an attempt to relax and forget or maybe work things out while I sleep (you know when a great idea comes to you when you sleep and you need to scribble it down in the middle of the night!)  This went on until at least mid-week.  Then I was praying about it and bugging out, getting stressed and I thought, wait if it’s important I would already have it written down, if it’s something I need to do, I’ll remember it when the time comes, if it was something really creative and I was meant to have it, God will bring it back to me.  Could it be that easy?  Could I just relax and let go since I knew I wasn’t in charge, I obviously can’t control anything nor can any of us.  So that’s what I did.  I relaxed and amazingly things started to come back.  I played with my kids, I made an awesome dinner for my husband, I went to library story time with my friend and our kids.  I cleaned.  I stopped being at my computer 24/7 and read to the kids or myself or played with them.  It was nice.  I took time to notice things.  Yes I still had things to do, but I know that I need some downtime and this was an obvious sign.  We all need a break and yes you can be too organized.  I was planning things so far in advance and trying to control and in the meantime I was missing moments and really creative ideas and quite time for reflection and prayer.  I was missing time to think of all my blessings and things I have to be thankful for.  So I am relieved in away that my computer got all crazy, because I was able to gain some great prospective from it.


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