Parenting Styles- it’s different in the USA

So my husband and I have always been from the broadest ends of the spectrum, he was raised with a nanny and boarding schools, trips abroad to study language and do Outward Bound.  I was raised by my grandparents, frugally, in the public school system.  He is British/Bermudian and I am American.  But we have been the closest of friends and like 2 peas in a pod since we met.  We ate different foods- him HP on everything, me Apple Cider Vinegar on nearly everything (PA Dutch tradition), but our parenting styles are extremely different.

Case in point, I miss the kids even if I go out with my friends for dinner and I will drone on about it.  He’s reserved and doesn’t say anything about missing anyone.  He can go for years without seeing his family or months without calling them and I can’t go several hours without calling my grandmother.  He is stricter than I am, if he says time out for 4 mins, he watches the clock, I on the other hand give in straight away.  I would have left my oldest keep his toddler bed in our room until he was in college (I hate the dark too), he said enough was enough and moved him into his own room on his 5th birthday. He wanted private school from kindergarten on, I did too, but the costs are too high, so we are starting with public.  He was brought up in strict English style schooling, sitting all day in your seat, being called your last name, not much room for free thinking, so he’s going to be in for a shock with US public school.  He could care less about clothes and brands and the American in me wants the kids to be dressed stylish and to be doing the activites everyone else is doing. 

He is amazingly hands on though with taking care of the kids and he is a great father and great caregiver.  It’s just funny to see the contrast between the two of us and the way in which we are raising our kids together!!


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