Choice TV for children

I was one of those moms who thought oh my kids will never watch tv.  I saw my younger brother get “babysat” by tv so I thought I will not do that. Fast forward to two kids, and I allow them to watch tv.  We have limits and they mainly watch two channels.  My toddler loves Barney, so she will watch PBS and Barney or Barney on demand and that’s about it for her.  She’s not into tv and that’s good.  My older child watches Disney Channel.  He used to be a PBS fan, but as he gets older he mainly watches Disney and I love Disney because unlike Nickoledeon there are not commercials every two minutes selling toys.  Plus the shows on Disney are ok for the family to watch.  We love Phineas and Ferb.  Really love it, I may like that show more than my child.  I grew up with Disney and watched shows like Avonlea and the Mickey Mouse Club, before Brittany and Justin. 

Another thing my oldest will do is play games on pbs kids online or playhouse disney.  It is amazing to see him learning to identify words and how to use a computer.  I think kids need computer skills because the way society is nowadays.  I do worry as they get older and the things available, but they won’t have computers in their rooms (no tvs either!) and we will use filters on the computers in our home.  My husband is a big computer gamer and I love the computer so it is a natural thing for our kids to be drawn to the computer. 

The other big thing we do in our home is play Wii.  My oldest and my husband love the Wii. My oldest plays with one of our neighbor children on car racing games and things like that.  The Wii has been a good game for our child to learn skills, get some light exercise and learn again to identify words on the screen.  And it’s a nice way for my husband and child to bond.


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