If I didn’t buy now back then….

I have revised my debt plan.  I seriously decided that I hate credit cards.  We have been paying with cash for everything for the last several months and that’s a nice thing to do. But I should be more pro-active and instead of using the extra cash for stuff, I should be applying it to some of my debts.  For example this weekend we went to 5 and below and I spent way more than I should have.  I mean first off it was pouring rain, second thing was the whole family was with and we were all grabbing things and then there is my buying in advance habit, where I saw some books I needed to get because they were so cheap for my kids in the years to come.  That trips me up all the time.  I’m always afraid if I don’t get the deal, I’ll never see it again, but most times it’s more like we won’t need it ever.  But anyway.  I think I am becoming more aware of what my spending habits are. My other big thing is the grocery store, I seriously buy enough for a small army of people each week.  I use to shop every other week, but with the kids needing milk I go every week and end up getting more than we need.  Last month I donated a lot of it to our churches monthly food pantry, which is good, but still I tend to go overboard.  That comes from living in Bermuda and doing massive shopping trips overseas and getting lots of stuff that you couldn’t get there to last you until the next time you get off the island. Even when I started getting Old Navy and Amazon sent to me in Bermuda, I still went crazy with food and toiletries.  Oh well half the solution is identifying the problem…..


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