Content this week?

This week I thought about my reasons for doing this contentment review.  I thought about all the stuff we have and all the stuff my kids have and how I hate to clean all that stuff.  Then when I was looking at vacations ideas for this fall, I came to the conclusion that instead of paring down and simplifying I was adding more and more things to do, buy, see, eat, etc.  I was not thinking of how great it would be to save some extra money each month in addition to our savings and retirement, I wish thinking if we have it spend it.  Not exactly where I wanted to be in thought.  I also got my computer fixed- thanks to my husband and a friend and not Best Buy!  Then I came back to my computer and realized, I was so hung up and hooked on my documents and being online that I was not paying as much attention to nature and beautiful days and reading and my kids and all the other things that make life,a good, full life.  So I started reading.  I checked out a ton of books at the library and read a really good one already- an old one, but still good- L M Montgomery The Blue Castle, it was a quick read.  I tried to again cut back on tv, because I am tired of trying to keep up with the magazines, and the shows.  That is not life, that is some advertisers version of what my life should have and should look like and I want to set a better example for my kids. 

I’m tired of putting things before paying off debt.  I hate debt and I want to breath the breath of freedom to not have debt.  I want to show the kids how to manage your money well, since that’s what business I was in and my husband still is in.  I don’t need to go into debt to feel good about myself or to keep up.  I don’t need to endlessly spend and shop at stores, onlines or catalogs because I am bored.  I don’t need the newest and greatest thing each time there is one.  I want simplicity, I want a house filled with things we use and love instead of just things.  There’s no point in trying to be content with things, I’ve decided and know that is the last place to use as a source of contentment.

     Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” Epicurus

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