Spring has Sprung

We had some serious rain yesterday, pouring downpours that reminded me of riding a moped to work in Bermuda in those rains- so thankful to have a car.  But before that I saw a robin in my yard, first one this year so spring is here.  Plus Rita’s has lines going half way around town, crocuses are everywhere, mini-daffodils, hyacynth and all those other Easter flowers are coming up all over. 

I love spring for another reason- no winter coats.  Anyone with a child or who has babysat a child can attest that getting a toddler into winter clothes or a small kid or baby is a workout.  They hate being bundled up, and it takes so much longer to get ready to leave the house in the morning or evening.  I try to keep a basket of gloves and hats in the kitchen near the coat tree, so we have all we need- this idea has only been used for about two years before that we often ended up places without gloves, like skiing- not a good idea or a cheap idea. 

Another mom thing that has taken some time to get used to is bags.  You start out with a diaper bag and before you have kids you think how cute and convenient it will be to be able to tote around a large bag to carry things in.  Then the baby gets older and the bag gets heavier.  Then you can finally not use the diaper bag , but you still need to carry a bag that’s not your purse.  With snacks, clothes, drinks, toys, coloring things.  Then if your children are older you need activity bags- we have a swimming bag, skiing bag, tae kwon do bag, tennis bag, all sorts of bags.  I am a simple carrier by nature, I never did the whole big purse or any purse thing- less was more for me.  I would take my wallet and my phone and that was it, so I try to keep the bags seperate so I can grab what we need and go, not have to change them out all the time. 

I am super excited for spring, bring on the rain, the sun and the flowers and leave the winter coats packed away until next year 🙂

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