March- contentment is closer than I thought

So this month I focused my contentment search of income, status, and debt and the effects media has on making you think you need more more more in order to be content.

I’ve learned that as happy and content as I am to have left the corporate world to be with my kids, some people in society don’t think that’s a good choice and because of that I will always have a nagging voice or some down days reminding me of my former corporate life or the future career I might have which I could be focusing on today.

I’ve decided enough is enough- debt be gone and made a doable plan and goals.  I am no longer going to buy or spend on things I really don’t need/can’t afford in order to validate myself or keep up with others.

I’ve decided less is more and simple is better.  I never realized how nice it is to slow down and share the world and nature with your kids or just to really watch the birds in my yard.  That means so much to me and it makes you realize how fast everyone else is going. 

In April I am going to focus on contentment and my life and how I really percieve myself.  This should be interesting…..


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