My Life

This is a hard topic for this months contentment focus. No one wants to examine their own lives, it’s much easier to tell other people what they are doing wrong and how they should live!  It’s easier to write about debt, than to look at your life.

As far as lives go mine is good- great kids, great husband, great family, great friends, strong faith.  I don’t have a back breaking job or anything, I eat pretty well-too well some days!

But I do suffer from comparison-itis.  Why can’t my children behave like that, why can’t my husband come to church with me, why can’t my home have an extra room, why couldn’t I have managed debt better, why did my mom have to get sick- you know grass is greener on the other side thing.  I’ve realized we all have some great things and some not so great things.  No life is perfect no family is perfect no matter how hard they try to create that image.  Like most people I have a quirky family, but I love them and they would do anything for me.  I had a rough start in my childhood, but the past is the past, forgive, forget and get on. 

I was not raised in the church, but that is one of the blessings and gifts I wanted to share with my kids and in doing so I’ve become a Sunday School teacher which is awesome.  My grandparents raised me so I am more frugal and reuse more than most people my age, which I think is great.  I also have an empathy for older people that no one my age has and I think that is a blessing and a key to what I might be good at doing. Another blessing is disguise was pre-eclampsia and a premature baby, it has changed my life, my outlook and given me some focus for my blog.

I am very proud that I have been married for almost fifteen years, I am proud of the fact that I am the mother to two wonderful kids. I am proud that I lived overseas and made friends with strangers and didn’t get homesick.  I am proud that I was the first college graduate in my family.  I am proud that I had some great careers so far and that I learned a lot.  I am proud of how well my financial club is doing.  I am happy that we chose a cute 100 year old house with charm, instead of becoming house poor like many people in the economy.  I am proud that I can bake and make really good soup.  I am proud of my garden/back yard I think it is so nice. I am proud that I am passing compassion and caring for others to my children, because that is the best we can do for each other. 

That list was way easier than where I want to be……

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