Why I am Pro-Duggar

I just read a post on MSN and the author does not agree with the way the Duggar’s present themselves and their family.  I never watched the Duggars until Josh’s wedding and from there I was hooked. When they had Josie and showed the NICU I was crying.  It brought back memories and it was the 1st time I watched a show since my own preemie/NICU experience.

First thing people criticise is how many kids they have.  I think their kids seem happy, the family seems happy and if that’s the life they have chosen so be it.  Back in the day people had lots of kids and Amish people still have lots of kids.  I think it would be nice for the kids to be able to have more one on one time with the parents, but I don’t live there so maybe they do and we just don’t see it because that does not make for exciting tv.

I think TLC does a nice job profiling some unique families and opening our eyes to other people and how they live.  I think the Duggars and the Roloff’s are real people with real issues and it’s nice to watch.  There is so much violence and gross-ness on tv, why criticise something profiling families.  I think Kate & Jon are better off not being on the air, because I think that was an example of what can happen if you let fame and fortune take over and get out of hand,  but again that was an example of what happens to people in that situation.

Back to the Duggars.  When they had Josie I felt awful for them.  A preemie that small, must be scary.  My own preemie was not as early and was not a micropreemie.  Still the NICU is one of the scariest places on Earth if you’ve never been and it’s even scarier when your child  is one of the baby’s in the NICU.  I don’t think people can ever relate if they haven’t gone through it.  But I applaud TLC for showing the Duggar’s & Josie and also for showing Jen the LP who is a NICU doctor on the show about the married little people. 

I don’t know that I would have ever shown the strength or faith Michele Duggar showed in some of her interviews about Josie while my child was in the NICU.  Prematurity and the issues with it do not get the notice they should, so the more information the better, in my opinion.  I also think that in the case of the Duggars where Michelle got sick, which is what happened to me, that is a great thing to emphasis as well.  People don’t know how serious pre-eclampsia can be.  I would rather see an issue like that where the mom and baby never planned for a NICU experience than Octo-mom who knew she would have babies in the NICU and still made the decisions she made.  Those are the babies I feel bad for and I am shocked that Oprah will have her on the show this week.  She should not get any more attention than she’s had. 

It’s not my business if the Duggar’s have more kids.  For Michelle’s health I think they’d be better off not too, but it’s not my call.  They do teach their kids to serve others, have strong faith and have no debt, which is amazing and some smaller families should be so lucky to claim that in this day and age. 

As moms we try to do what is best for our family and our situation.  I think that’s what the Duggar’s are doing also.  We are all unique and this is just their way of living.


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