Debt Update

So it’s been a month since my last post on debt.  I can proudly say we have not used a credit card for anything since then.  That is so cool for me to be able to say, because for awhile I would pay them off a bit, get a little money of credit built back and then spend again.  But I have slowly been curbing my habits. 

I’m learning how to try different clothes combos so I don’t buy clothes, same thing for the kids and I am trying not to bored buy- where I have nothing else to do so I go to Walmart or Target or online and buy, because I am bored and because we have some extra money.  It’s simple changes, even not stopping to buy a soda when I’m out running errands and instead taking one with.

I am on track to pay off one of the smaller cards in May and then snowball that money into the next one.  So slowly but surely I am getting there and I do enjoy being slightly frugal and hunting for bargins.


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