Breakthough Idea

So I’ve had a great breakthrough in my search for contentment this week, first I’ve been embracing little things and quiet and just being for the moments instead of rushing to the next thing or thinking ten steps ahead. The other thing I decided was that I want to try to write.  I would really like that.  Way back in the day, before I was in finance and before I was a mom, I was studying humanities and communication in college.  I can’t believe I had forgotten how much I loved to write and express myself creatively back then. It seems like eons ago.  But that’s what happens when you raise a family and run your household, you take care of things and do things out of love but sometimes forget to take care of yourself and every mom needs some time for herself or to be able to have a creative outlet. 

1/4 of the way through the year and I’m just started to break into some good thoughts on contentment.


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