It’s your calling calling

So you know when you are just sideswiped with an idea and you know you are meant to take notice because it keeps popping up and popping up?  Well yesterday in church I was the children’s chatt-er.  I’ve never done that before and I was nervous but it went well.  I did learn one thing, my calling is not public speaking with a mike on to children in a church!!  But it also meant I sat through the sermon twice (2 different services).  The sermon was about answering God’s calling in our lives.  Here I am day in and day out wondering what I should be doing to make a difference and I thought wait, I’m a mom for a reason that is a huge part of my calling.  I guess I think we all need to do something big, but part of the sermon message was that little things can be your calling too, like helping with vacation church school, bring monthly food for the food drive, driving people to the doctors who need a ride, things like that.  Several years ago I was in church when I felt like God was yelling in my ear that I should teach.  I brushed it off, I knew I did not want to go into teaching, since that’s what my Masters is in.  But He knows what His plan is and last year I became a Sunday School teacher.  I never would have thought of that and I am so glad He led me there.  But sometimes it’s thinking outside the box.  The message was also that your calling does not always come when you are young, some people don’t fulfill their calling until they are late in life, so I have time.  No need to rush and try to do something I’m not meant to be doing.  I need to enjoy the small stuff.  Then today I read a devotion about callings, so that’s what I mean.  When it rains it pours.  It’s like a message to me, to chill out and enjoy life as it is right now.  Which I did.  I didn’t spend all morning online, I walked my child to school today and enjoyed nature, I played with my kids this morning, I felt patient and not rushed.  All good things. 

Maybe each day is about having your little piece of contentment.  Also yesterday I observed a Sabbath.  After church I relaxed, read, worked in the garden, played with the kids- all enjoyable things.  I gave myself time to do nothing important and it was awesome.  I think we all need a day of rest. 

Now if I can just work on my nagging problem of forgetting things and wanting to remember everything….


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