Toys Everywhere- massive spring cleaning

So the other day, I stuck my foot in a Waste Management garbage truck which slid me into a wall and I landed on my bottom.  It was not a pleasant trip.  The old me would have let out some yells, but I didn’t want to scare the kids, so after I peeled myself from the floor and made sure all my bones seemed intact, I calmly explained that we had a problem and we needed to clean the toys.

Now mind you our house is set up this way, it’s an old Victorian, so everything is long.  We have a finished basement which is my older childs art room/reading room/game room/lego room/overflow of other toys room.  Each child has their own bedroom upstairs.  In my oldest childs room it is train central- all train toys are up there and he is a huge train fan.  My toddler doesn’t spend time alone in her room, except to sleep and nap so she has a few books and some stuffed animals.  But the family room is where they play most often, to be near me and my husband.  The family room is also our home office and only tv the kids can watch (we DO NOT have tvs in their rooms).  So we have toys all over the place and my husband and I always fall or slip or step on these toys. 

My kids were starting to get bored and overwhelmed I mean who wouldn’t with 8 gazillion things to play with scattered everywhere?  So when the family went to swim lessons I got cleaning.  I know the whole thing about don’t clean when your kids aren’t around, you might throw out their favorite toy, etc.  Well in our home that’s not the case, or hasn’t been to date.

So I cleaned and cleaned and had 2 bags of toys to give away.  1 to the Salvation Army, the other to my nephew.  The house was lighter, it breathed a sigh of relief.  My older child never said anything about me cleaning some of the toys.  I then paired down in certain areas so they could focus on playing with a smaller amount of toys and that was perfect.  Less boredum. 

I’ve been telling my children that we need to clean and donate to others, because that’s the way life progresses, it’s a circle.  They love to give to others.  We have a new one in and an old one out system.  I’ve been doing this since my oldest was a toddler. 

I wish I could say that I have some miracle solution for storing legos, but I don’t.  I have lots of containers and things should be organized, but kids will be kids and legos seem to multiply in the dark of night.  But they are only young once and I think each mother goes through a lego phase.

I am also trying to live more simply and this means to own less.  Like many family’s we have more than we need and things flow better and the house feels better when we clean and donate and purge what we no longer can use.  I am trying hard to justify buying something, thinking through every purchase, only buying what I really have money for, etc.  That saves having too much stuff and debt.

So the massive spring cleaning I did this year was toys.  And it was great.


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