Life Clarity

So this is my last post on contentment for April and my focus on my life. I think this is one of the best months so far for me, because I really was able to take a step back and assess myself. There were many changes this month in my close family and friends lives and one of the things I noticed was I was able to just let go and pray about it.  No more trying to manage and control and make things happen.  I am not responsible to make people happy, that’s something only they can do. 

I thought about what I’m proud of, how far I’ve grown and what I want for my future.  I thought about how I really want to write and like with planning on having children there is never a perfect time so I should just grab the bull by the horns. 

I thought about the norms of society and how we all just want to be accepted by others.  If anything so far this blog insight has shown me a lot about myself and made me take time and think.  I am always rushing to the next thing and I’ve found myself stopping and admiring the world around me and the view is nice.


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