10 Things I didn’t want to do, as a mom

1. Fly.  When I lived overseas on an island flying became a way of life since you can get what we called “rock fever”.  On the many flights I took I was always put off by families with little ones who would cry or scream or freak out in the flight.  I vowed to never be one of those moms and so far I haven’t, yes I am limiting myself by not flying with the kids, but those memories of being stuck in the air with screaming kids who were not my own, really stick out.

2. Change diapers.  I do change my own kids diapers of course (even though I had no idea how I ever would) but I have not ever changed another kid.  Not a friends child, not my nephew, no one.  I won’t be volunteering in the church nursery anytime soon.  I just get grossed out and yes I know that’s selfish, but there are enough other people out there who can change diapers.

3. Take my kids for immunizations.  I faithfully schedule well visits and make sure they are up to date on shots, but when the nurse comes out to give the shots, I leave my husband there.  I hate shots so I can’t bring myself to sit there while my children get them.

4.Have a pet free home.  I know many people think having pets and children are a lot of work and choose to be pet free once they have kids.  Not me, if anything I’ve gotten more pets.  I’ve always had a soft spot for animals and so do my kids now.

5. Feed my kids processed food.  I always wanted to be healthy food mom.  Never lunchables, never fries and nuggets.  But then life happened and I got a picky eater.  I always thought I would have lovely cut up fruits, veg and chesse but somedays it’s just easier to serve a ready made meal.

6.TV.  I thought I will never let me kids watch TV.  I still don’t really like the fact that they do.  They are both active though, so I don’t mind terribly.  They can watch Disney or PBS since there are not commercials.  I hate Nick and Noggin because of all the ads.  They do not and will not have tvs in their rooms.

7.Play with violent toys, like guns.  So I decided toy guns were the stupidest thing ever and made kids violent while playing ( I remember how my brother was).  So I’ve managed to not get my son toy guns, not even water guns, our water toys are not “guns”.  But no one ever told me that a boy will learn from other boys and want to play cops and robbers and will use his imagination to make things into weapons. 

8.Be messy.  I never wanted to be the mom with stains on the furniture and sticky messes everywhere.  But low and behold after the first child it gets hard to stay clean every second of every day and messes happen.  I now need new sofas, but not until the kids are older.  I clean up what I can, but I don’t get too upset if there is a sticky spot I miss and find later or crumbs.

9. Have wild haired kids.  My daughter has some crazy tight curly frizzy hair.  Think Don King crossed with Donald Trump.  Some days as we are going through the day or rushing I forget to “comb” out her hair and we leave the house and she looks like one of those plastic trolls from the 70’s.  I always thought I’d be the mom with the kids with cute barrettes and ribbons and perfect outfits, in reality I’m just a typical mom and I’m happy if my kids are happy and having fun and learning- combed hair or not. 

10. Talk too much to clerks and other adults in the community.  When I was in college I worked in a grocery store and I remember the moms coming in and telling me their whole life story or everything about their day and I remember feeling so bad for them.  Because they had no other adults to talk to in a house with kids.  So I thought I will never be that desperate for communication.  Low and behold I am now the mom to talk to the post office person, food checkout person, nurse and doctor way too much.  I can even sense when people are thinking stop talking to me and let me get back to work and I still go on and on. I love being with my kids, but it’s nice to talk to grown ups too sometimes.


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