Looking Up

So the theme for this months National Blog Posting http://www.nablopomo.com/ is looking up. I think this theme is one I would take on day by day, because it can mean so many things.  I love facts so I can tell you I spend a lot of time reading things and then looking up more info online.  Or looking up people to follow on Twitter.  I spend too much time looking up statuses on Facebook and then that brings me down.  I think since the internet I spend a good chunk of each day looking stuff up- illness symptoms, recipes, tv shows, books, amazon, people on facebook, blogs, twitter, crafts, verses, pet info, organizational info, classes for the kids, mom info, etc.  Interesting isn’t it?  I still remember the days in elementary school, high school and college of using a card catalog and having to check things out or using an encyclopedia if I wanted to look something up.  Now it’s done hundreds of times a day.  I really wonder how information will be obtained when my children are older.  So looking up to me today is researching, because I was doing some of that earlier!

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