5 reasons to be an organized mama

1. You get out of the house in a timely manner if you plan ahead.  Yes it’s kind of odd to be doing things for tomorrow tonight, but it works and it helps.

2. You won’t be at the sports event or park without water and sunscreen.  After baby #2 , I decided better to plan ahead and be packed than not.

3.It will help you keep your sanity.  We are moms, not superhumans we can’t remember everything so being organized can help you eliminate mommy-brain.

4.Bags are your friend.  I have bags for each kids, for each activity, for the family, for vacation, for sleeping at grandma’s.  My friend and I swear by this method, because than you won’t be at ski lessons without gloves, knowing you have 5 pair at home, but none with you, so you have to spend$15 on gloves you don’t need.  And if bags are your friend, planners are your BFF.  Writing things down is the best thing ever.  You can use a smart phone, computer, pad of paper- what ever. Just have some type of planner.  I’m partial to Franklin Covey- but I am type A 🙂

5. It saves you $.  See #4 re: buying items you have at the event because you left them at home.  You also won’t be buying too much or double or wasting as much, if you are keeping track.

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