Forget it, wait I already did

Lately I’ve been having issues with remembering things.  My husband blames it on the fact that I write everything down, so I don’t really need to use my memory.  It is so frustrating.  I’ll be thinking of something I need to do and then I read something else and 2 seconds later my to do thought is gone.  I’ll then try to remember it as hard as I can and most times I can’t.  I am so tired of this.

While most people daydream they think islands, or yachts, or nice vacations, or the beach- places to kick back and relax.  When I daydream I think Amish.  I always have, well I used to think Mennonite too, since we had Mennonite farmer neighbors, but that was years ago.  To me relaxing would be knowing what I needed to do each day, and not having other distractions- tv, internet, etc.  I would love to get up and think of today is laundry day and all I have to do is work in the garden and make the meals and watch the kids.  I wouldn’t be running to lessons or worrying about what to wear or how to do my hair, I wouldn’t be running to the food store and tripping over toys.  I would just be doing my daily tasks and being satisfied.

I have been the person to write things down as long as I can remember.  My mom does it too.  She used to have a calendar and a notebook to record things she needed to remember.  I am also the kind of person who thrives on schedules.  But like most moms I can get thrown so off track and I try to do it all- cook, clean, play with the kids, craft, read, scrapbook, volunteer, pray, pay bills, shop for the home, take care of pets.  I mean at night I am usually reading 2 or 3 books before bed, because that is the only time I get to read without being interupted and reading is my life.  I love to read.  That is the only time I turn off my ever thinking and forgetting mind. 

So I need to reassess my life and see if there are things I can cut back on, or see if I can somehow not get so worked up over forgetting silly little things which I usually remember anyway.


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