Real Housewife done today

In my attempt to glorify the housewife, I try to come up with a list of things that real housewives do that those so called housewives on tv do not.  I am a housewife by choice, not because my husband wants me to be.  I have chosen to leave my career and embark on the best career ever- mama.  Life was definately easier in an office, even with crazy co-workers, once you are at home with your kids you see it all, but it is so rewarding. My life is to be there for them, to raise them up and to be supportive and just make sure they are happy.  So these are the duties I’ve been doing this am and for the rest of the day:

-got up at 6:15 to let the dog out

-make 3 different breakfasts (fruit, cereal and toast) since the kids kept changing their minds

-fought with an english muffin for myself.  ok they do not break in half very easily

-cleaned the cat litter and fed the cats

-wet the crab’s sponge and sprayed his tank

-paid the mortgage and reconciled my financial spreadsheet to the bank

-made a new plan to do my devotions during naptime, thinking I might be able to take more in, if I am not being interupted

-took the trash and recycling out

-packed two bags for the salvation army

-corraled some books to return to the library

-read the local obits and voice your opinion column in the local paper

-tweeted & blogged

-tried to get the sound of handy mandy out of my head- he really annoys me, worse than thomas the train ever did

-gave each child a magazine/coloring book so they could sit together and do some activities after cartoon time

-will be getting groceries

-walking to and from school

– thought about how I would love a masters degree or at least to be a good writer (I miss school)

-need to clean the bathroom & kitchen counters

-made a few notes about future scrapbooking projects

-will need to attempt to tie the belt on the tae kwon do uniform this afternoon

-need to water the plants in the yard and on the porch and check on my vegetables I planted

-begged my husband to take a personal day, so I could try to relax and take some allergy meds and rest

-planned dinner (at 8am)

All in a “real housewives” day


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