Proverbs 31:6

6 Alcohol is for the dying,
      and wine for those in bitter distress. (NLT)

Wow, I can not wait for the part about the noble wife, even people who like me who never run out of words can run out of things to say about alcohol. 
King Lemuel must have come across many people who liked to drink alcohol a little too much, to be this influenced in his sayings.  But as anyone who has lived with or been raised by an alcholic can tell you, it is such a state that you would probably be wise to take in this advice.  My big thing growing up with alcoholic parents was disappointment, no matter what I did to be a good student,be a good child, be a peacemaker between them, when it came time for them to visit me at my grandparents, they never showed most of the time and I was so disappointed.  I mean who does that to a child?  You know that someone is consumed by drink if that is the case, because each weekend I would have my heart broken, because all I could sense was wow my parents don’t want to hang out with me, what did I do wrong.

So King Lemuel has a point in trying to spread the word about alcohol.  I have a feeling he had a close relationship with someone who was too consumed by alcohol.


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