Preemie Moms-Happy Mothers Day

I have two wonderful children.  One of them was a preemie.  Having a preemie changes your life.  My second child was a preemie, so I can say it was a whole other ball of wax compared to my first baby.

Here are some things about my preemie (who is now a happy toddler):

– She was always moving.  Even before she was born, she kicked and kicked, I think she may be a track star someday. The only time she was not super active was when she was sleeping in her isolette.

-She has been smiling since she was born. I know babies don’t “smile” until they are a few months old, but she was smiling even with her feeding tube in and she hasn’t stopped smiling since.

-I am a better mom because of my preemie.  I realize how delicate and precious life is and I cherish the moments each day with both of my kids.

-Celebrating mothers day once you have a daughter is a dream come true.  It is so nice to know that you have a daughter and that hopefully you will have a good mother daughter bond as she grows.

-Having a preemie made me more patient and more compassionate about life and things in general.

-There are no chances in this life, everything happens for a reason and I am so blessed to have been given the children I have.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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