Contentment and Mothers Day

How perfect that I am focusing on my perfection desire for this months blog about contentment.  For the past few mothers day I had a not so good day.  Last year I remember stress and fighting with my husband and being upset because it was not the mothers day of my dreams or the kind on tv.  So yesterday I woke up and I was kind of in a negative mood because I had to go teach Sunday School, had to work in the afternoon and figured that as usual I would not get any time to myself or any time off from my normal to do for the day.  So I got up went to Sunday School and had a nice time.  Then I was to meet my family for a small brunch for the moms at my church.  It was nice and relaxing until my kids decided they had to be the only kids in church chasing each other around and then all of a sudden there was a crash and my kids spilled a broke a plant all over church.  I was so embarrassed and hurt, that of all days no one could just be normal and behaved for my sake.  I wanted the perfect little family, but instead I had the beast children who run and spill dirt in a church.  My husband took them home and I cleaned up the mess.  Than I came home and went to work for someone who needed to do something with her daughter.  I missed seeing my mother on mothers day and she has cancer.  That kind of made me sad.  So I came home with trepidation of what I would find.  But my husband had straightened up the house, the kids were in good spirits and they were all going to a class at the Y.  So I was able to take a wonderful nap.  Then my son came home and gave me a gift- a butterfly bush.  I asked for a hydrangea and I was kind of disappointed, then I felt so stupid for being like that. Then the kids and my husband showed me the hand dipped chocolate covered fruit they made me- how awesome!  Then we went for a nice dinner at one of my favorite places.  We came home and everyone relaxed.  I was able to read and it was an awesome day.  Not the tv day I imagined, not the perfect dream vision of mothers day I created, but mothers day, our family’s style. I realized how lucky I am and how I need to chill and just enjoy my life and not be so fussy and perfection seeking.  What a lesson. 

I also spent the most wonderful Mother’s Day Eve, with my two oldest bestest friends playing Apples to Apples eating steak sandwiches, laughing relaxing and walking down memory lane.  It doesn’t get better than that.

So I am very happy that it wasn’t the way I planned.  The best things never are.


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