Looking Up, hi kids

This month the National Blog Posting Month theme is “looking up”

http://www.nablopomo.com/.  So I’ve been thinking about how much our kids look up to us.  When my first was younger I would see him watching me or my husband and copying our moves and speech.  I see it more with my second.  She tries on everyones shoes in the house.  My oldest now speaks like me, arm and hand motions and all.  He has my humor. 

Both of our kids gravitated to the computer and the mouse and keyboard and both sit and try to “type” and “click” the mouse like mom and dad and yes I do realize the irony in this that maybe we spend too much time in front of the computer. 

But all kids want to learn and be like us.  I can see them petting our pets like I do, wanting to help cook and empty the dishwasher.  Sitting with magazines and books and wanting to “read” like mom and dad.  Pretending to mow the lawn or vacuum.  That’s how they learn by seeing and hearing what we do.  So it is so important that they see us treating people right- friends, family and strangers alike.  I’ve had my bad days when things aren’t going right and my temper and patience are waning and I then see my kids yelling or being mean to each other and I realize how much they are watching me.  So yes they are looking up to us each and every moment of the day!


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