Money Mystery

So I’ve been trying to work on my debt plan.  I think I’ve come up with a solution.  No TV, no, no magazines, no catalogs.  Simple isn’t it?  And I know there are people out there who do buckle down and do that.  They are the same people who cut out cable and daily coffees.  That is not me.  My husband is in finance so we have a nice little cash flow system and debt plans and all that good stuff.  But I don’t have willpower.  I mean I am better than most of my friends with making a budget, saving for retirement, etc.  But when I see stuff I just sometimes buy it.  Mainly I’ve been cutting back on buying silly things- you know things from the dollar store, or decorative items you won’t like in one season.  I also keep buying clothes that are cheap, but they don’t wear well.  So I am doing better with paying off the debt, but not as much as I would like, because I want to shop and eat and live a little while doing it. 
I did decide that debt is like weight.  It gets added so easily and quickly but takes forever to get rid of.  And you can deprive yourself in both situations for a faster result, but that’s never fun 🙂

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