10 things I love about mommy-hood

1.  Kid Hugs- who would have thought a hug could mean so much

2.Crayons and cool colored pens/pencils.  I have always loved art items, now with kids I can buy them to my heart is content

3. Sharing the love of reading and a good book.

4.Passing on my faith

5.Cuddle time lazy Tuesday’s- when the kids and I chill out and don’t do much of anything all day

6. Discovery- watching my kids watch birds, flowers, the wind – anything new that captivates their attention

7. Handmade cards and pictures. Things I want to cherish forever because they were made with love, I finally understand why my grandmother wanted to keep all my scribbly pictures and cards growing up

8. My job is to be with the kids and raise them and teach them and love them.  It’s is by far the best job ever and the only one there is no training or schooling for

9.Kids clothes, I love buying kids clothes so cute, especially girls

10.  Being able to watch my kids play and use their imaginations.  I love it, it takes me back to my childhood memories of playing and having fun.

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