Looking Up- night sky

One of the things I have done consistantly in my life is look at the night time sky.  Now I am not a constellation person- I can find Orion’s belt and that’s it, but I do love to look up at the twinkling stars or the clear night sky.  I love to look at the moon and think about how very small we are. 

Some of the moments of looking up that stand out in my mind are:

-When I was little my dad and I would camp out on our apartment roof and look up at the sky to fall asleep.  No tents, just us, our pillows, blankets and the sky.  It was so nice to just hang out with my dad, some of my best memories with him

-When I was in elementary school we had a winter time craft show at night and I went with my grandmother and aunt.  I remember coming out of the school and it was cold and the sky was clear and you could tell it would snow.  We drove around that night for a bit in the country to look at the stars and the beautiful sky and to see the start of the snow

-When I was in high school my high school boyfriend and I sat outside the night before graduation and talked about the future and what we were excited about and our feelings about graduation. It was a beautiful clear early summer night

-When I first moved to Bermuda, I would gaze at the dark ocean against the dark night sky and feel so awesome and so small and so seperated from the world on that island.  It was like the sky and the ocean became one.  The sky was always so dark and clear in Bermuda at night.  And so vast, it was the vast ness that used to amaze me

-One 4th of July in Bermuda I stared up into the night sky and watched an amazing display of fireworks and patriotic songs at the American ex-pats party.  I was never so proud to be American

-On the nights after my second child was born prematurely I laid in my bed and had a great view of the city of Philadelphia against the skyline.  I would watch the sun come up in the morning and watch the stars come twinkling out at night.  I never felt so alone.  My husband was at home and my baby was in the NICU and all there was in the world was me and the sky

-This year my best friends parents celebrated their ten year anniversary of owning a resort.  They had fireworks and my son and I stood with her and her husband and child and watched the fireworks, from on the snow base at night on a dark cold night, with a dark sky being highlighted by the fireworks and it was gorgeous. 

I love to tie memories to nature because it is a constant.  The sky at night is such a moving beautiful example of God’s handiwork at it’s best.

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