Grocery Master List

I know my method will not work for everyone.  I know that those master lists with everything under the sun do not work for me.  But this is how I keep on top of my grocery list.

For things I order from Amazon several times a year- swim diapers, hard to find items in bulk, powder for the baby, etc.  I make a note in my day planner for every 3 months or whatever the time frame is.  That way I don’t forget.  I also put an estimated cost behind it, so I can use that for my budget.

For BJ’s trips I do basically the same thing.  I make a note every few months when we need to go, a budget estimate and I start a running list of what we need.  I have a master list of things we buy there also to work off of.

Still I need to go to the grocery store every week.  I go to Superwalmart.  I have tried Aldi’s but I think I get better deals at Superwalmart with their store brand.  There are times when I need to go to a more upmarket store to get hard to find items, they don’t carry at Walmart  but I plan for that also. 

I know most people who “save” money go once a month or less.  But for our family we have to go every week.  We need drinks and fruit and things that I can’t keep for a month or that I can’t buy in bulk, like milk. 

For these weekly trips I have a running list on my planner of what we need.  I also do a monthly check of bathroom and cleaning supply items, which is noted on my calendar of course.  For my calendar I use the Franklin Covey Simplicity for Moms and it works well for me.  I love Franklin Covey and have ever since I did the 7 habits course.

In the back of my planner I have a list of the categories that work for my family.  I refer to this list and then decide what groceries we need.  My list is as  follows:




-older child


-work drinks/snacks





-paper products

-cleaning products

-personal items


It is from these categories that I plan meals and make a list of what we need.

It’s not overwhelming and that’s why I like it.


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