Help Others

Proverbs 31:20 (New Living Translation)

 20 She extends a helping hand to the poor
      and opens her arms to the needy.

I don’t have the whole Proverbs 31 memorized.  I am not good at verse memorization like some  people are.  But before I looked up this verse I was thinking I hope it’s about helping people, because that is on my heart right now. There is a family I know of who recently lost a parent at a young age and when you are in the same situation as a family I think it hits you harder.  You never know what each day will bring and this family was not expecting this. I pray for them, because I would be terrified about how to go on.  But as fellow people of the world, it is our job to care for them.  Our sisters and brothers.  Care for them with pray, with financial support, food, whatever.

I was also moved because yesterday I watched a DVR’ed Oprah and there was a family who adopted a young Haitian girl.  And again there were pictures of Haiti and children suffering.  I also read a blog post by a doctor who treated a child who was being starved in his own home. 

There is so much need in this world.  And I must admit before I was a mom I didn’t pay particular attention to all the need and suffering of children.  I have always and still do have an interest in the need of animals and the elderly, but being a mom changed my connection to the suffering of children.

I know that small things make big differences so I don’t waste things, I give to the needy, I bring food to church for the foodbank, I pray, I try to teach my children about suffering the world over and in our own neighborhood. 

I always think about circumstances and in Philipians Paul talks about having plenty and having nothing and being content.  I know peoples circumstances can change in an instant.  My own fathers house burnt down a few years ago and that was a real eye opener.  I also think about how you should never judge someone else because you are not in their shoes.  You don’t know their history or how they got where they are.  We have all been needy for different things in our lives and I think we should never forget that.  Part of being a human is caring for each other.


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