Peace at the End

*Lost spoiler, so if you haven’t seen it, don’t read this post.

I’ve been watching Lost faithfully since season 1.  I have thought the whole time there were many references to heaven, purgatory, good and evil. But like most Lost fans, you never know what you’ll get or what you’ll see. 

So last night at Jack walked into the church and there were statues of all the world religions and the stained glass window has all the world religions and then he saw his dad.  Then he walked into the chapel and saw all of his friends and they were all together with the people who helped them change themselves and who helped them come to terms so they could have peace.  It was amazing.  Then there was the light beaming and I loved it.  I mean after all those years and they were in something like a purgatory (we don’t have a purgatory in my church beliefs, but I know of it).  Then to see they created this vision of what peace and life and love and friendship meant to them.  It was amazing.

I used to be scared to think of heaven and death and losing people you love.  Then the more I read and prayed I realize time here is a blink of an eye to God and I know that all the people I have loved and cared for will be with me when it’s my turn to go to heaven.  I also know all the people I never met, family members, who watch over me will be there for me to meet. 

So how can you not love an ending like that.  I mean to me, it was like wow they could have gone so many ways with this and instead its heaven and love and friends and family.  It was amazing.

I’ve really been thinking lately about my need to control things and be at peace that it will all be working like I want it to and how I do not like the feeling of being overwhelmed.  I keep thinking I’ve been like this for so long, I need to change or I know I’ll be like this for life and that is not what I want.  It’s my own need for perfection and not being able to come to peace with just being, just letting go, just relaxing.  I can’t be content until I can just be.  And I really need to work on that.


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