Revolutionary Idea

Yesterday we went to a reenactment of a revolutionary war encampment where General George Washington once set up his men.  It was cool.  I love stuff like that.  They were firing muskets and the people were dressed from the time.  It was in the middle of nowhere and it was really like stepping back in time.  I was hoping my oldest child would find it cooler than he did.  We are a history loving family and he wasn’t as into it as I had hoped. 

They had a physician speaking as a physician from back then.  He was talking about treating musket ball wounds and had various contraptions they would have used back then in their medical treatment.  It was so interesting.  I also kept thinking wow women weren’t doctors back then.  Some days I think I should have continued to be interested in science when I was still in school.  I loved science and still do.  I have always had this secret passion that I would have loved to be a doctor.  I have the memory capacity and the study skills, I just didn’t focus all that much on science in high school. Then I get sad.  Knowing there is a path, I know I could have taken, but didn’t  Knowing if my parents were more involved they could have encouraged me more when I was still in school.  Wishing I could have done something that would have been a meaningful major in college.  That I could be doing something to help lives and help others.  But then I know I would be scared and it would have been scary, I always take the safe no-fail way.  My husband tells me I should go back and go to med school.  There are people older than you who do it, but I’m scared and I’m too old.  I can live vicariously through the real life dramas on cable or the historical presentations we go to see.  It’s hard some days to know you should have done something that you really can’t go back and do over.


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