Sparkling Clean Contentment

I’m cleaning my bathrooms.  I hate cleaning my bathrooms.  I tell myself that I should be grateful to have bathrooms and showers and running water when so many people in this world do without, while I clean the bathrooms, because I just dread it.  I actually stopped half way through to blog about it since I hate it so much. 

I use to be a superneat freak.  Shiny bathrooms, spotless counters, dust free floors.  Then I got cats, then had kids, then got a dog.  No longer do I fuss when the bathroom is not clean enough to host the Queen of England.  I keep it tidy enough for the family and clean well if friends/guests are coming.  But I do a nice deep clean once a month.  Otherwise a weekly/daily clean for some of it. 

Sometimes when I clean I imagine that my friends never scrub their floors, but I mean they must at some point.  I guess it’s just not something we ever discuss since time with friends nowadays is precious. 

I know it’s not good to gloat either but I think my bathrooms are pretty nice.  I like to decorate and scored some great finds at a yard sale yesterday and I’m excited about that.  I get that from my grandmother, she had an immaculate home that was beautifully decorated when I was younger.  We use to antique together when I was in junior high.  So I think sometimes my high standard of cleaning house and having things look sort of perfect is because I grew up watching my grandmother raise me, and still manage to keep her house looking like a magazine, oh and doing this while babysitting in her home.


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