Mom-Speak, No I’m not talking to myself

So I am on child number two and it has become second nature for me to speak about myself in the third person.  Mommy is going to the post office, mommy is mailing a letter.  Mama needs to make dinner, mama is looking for the pasta.  Mama is going to tweet, okay lets give mama a minute to finished cleaning the bathroom.  Mommy thinks that this store charges way too much for crackers.

We all do it.  Some of us more than others.  My first was a late speaker and my second was a preemie and has some developmental issues, so I am working overtime to verbalize everything I do. 

I must look funny when I’m driving talking about everything we see, since they are in the back seat and the car has tinted back windows.  I’ve had people look at me thinking I’m talking to them at the grocery store, when instead I am debating what to prepare for dinner that night with my toddler, who doesn’t speak.

I do this because I want them to know words and things and objects and to learn to speak also.  I do this because the first time my older child and I could have a conversation together was one of the best days of my life.  It’s amazing when your child can speak with you and tell you things, no more frustration, no more talking to yourself with no one speaking back in the Walmart.

I just find it ironic because when I read books with a third person narative I always have been intrigued and used to think wow what would it be like for someone to follow me around and narrate.   Now I am the one who has been narrating our small families lives for almost six years.  Sometimes I forget and my husband will be like who are you talking to, and then I have to remember no on is learning right now, they are in bed, I can turn off the narration of what I am doing. The things you don’t know about motherhood before you become a mama 🙂


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