Kate I do like her

Wow I never thought I would care so much about one person I don’t know.  I have been pro-Kate for some time.  I take a lot of flack for that.  Everyone has an opinion.  I think I am drawn to her because I am bossy, I like things my way, I love lists, I am a mom, we were both from the same county, I am type-A, I am super-organized. 

I read her first two books (and just ordered #3).  I thought her first book really told her story well, like the first few seasons of her show.  For some time I was a little upset and did think she was going off the deep end, really liking herself, but you know what her life was upside down and who knows what I would be like in that position. 

Recently the show came back on and I was excited.  I enjoy hearing Kate’s side of things.  I am enjoying her honesty.  Yes her life is more glamourous than mine.  Yes she has her fame. But you know what her life is probably stressful.  She is in demand, she does not have privacy. 

If the world filmed my life I would come across in a different light, at least she let us she her as she is.  I get irratated when my husband doesn’t keep things organized or pick up after himself.  I get frustrated when the kids have meltdowns.  I feel like I am the only one who can carry this house, do what needs to be done and do it right.  So I give Kate credit and I am a fan.  I do like her and I do admire her and I can not wait to read her new book.  I wish people would be able to highlight some of the good parts of her and her life instead of all the bad.  You go Kate, you give us type A moms a view that shows all moms are not created equal.


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