Pre-eclampsia one more day

I have a friend who is pregnant and is at a slight risk for pre-eclampsia.  She is trying to decide if she should stick with her midwife or get a doctor and was asking me for my input.

I have learned a lot about pre-eclampsia.  I told her in my opinion I would go the doctor route. I learned the hard way. 

I saw a nurse practioner at my practice and I had gained 28 pounds in one week.  She decided it was water weight, told me to watch myself, call with any bad headaches, etc. and sent me home with a Z-pack for my so called cold, in which I felt like I was drowing and couldn’t stop coughing and choking.

I went home.  I felt fat and bloated but fine.  I bought new sneakers since mine were now about 3 sizes too small and I still had about 2 months to be pregnant.  I hosted my financial club and was embarrassed by my tree trunk size legs and the fact that everyone could see how big I was all of a sudden.  People laughed and recalled summer pregnancies. 

I went to a 4th of July party and dangled my feet and legs in a pool.  I was part of a surprise wedding celebration at the party.  I was still huge.  I went to a cultural fest in the heat and ate some yummy food and walked and walked.  Then finally I was tired and huge and felt kind of like I wanted to lose some of this swelling.  I called the doctor.  They took me ASAP ran a protein test, took a blood test and sent me to the hospital.  The rest they say is history.  I was monitored for a day, went downhill from there.  Heard pre-eclampsia, thinking no not me.  Was sent to a hospital in the city with a level 3 NICU and was induced and delivered a preemie. 

I was scheduled for an ultrasound the day I was moved, to make sure the baby wasn’t too big.  I was due to see the doctor the day I was delivering.  I would not have made it to the ultrasound.  My baby would not have made it.  If I had waited one more day, I would have been in serious trouble. I was in serious trouble as it was.  You don’t think how a day or hours can change your life.  You don’t always know you have pre-eclampsia.  I didn’t.  I thought I was just hot and irratated from the summer heat.  There is a reason it’s known as a silent killer.  So I told my friend always go with your gut feeling, something to me to go to the doctor early.  Always ask your doctor, better safe than sorry and one day can make a world of difference.


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