Phineas and Ferb a modern blended family

I love Phineas and Ferb, maybe more than my kids.  We have the songs on our ipod in the car, I have a Dr Doofenshmirtz tee shirt and a small figurine.  I laugh hysterically when watching, I watch when the kids aren’t here, I bring it up in discussions with other adults, so yes I am a bit of a fan.

Back in my day we had different cartoons. The Jetsons (I am still waiting for flying cars and meals in little pills and my own robot), Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, The Smurfs ( who I found out years later may be communists), The Snorkels, She Ra(did I spell that correctly?), Fat Albert.

My cartoons were just animals or people who did not do things that my friends and I may do.  They did crazy things like uncover ghost cover ups and travel through an automatic dressing machine to get ready in the morning.  They didn’t really focus on families.

Like all kids from my time in history I had to wait until Saturday morning for a cartoon.  During the week it was just PBS in the morning and I could not stand Sesame Street and I watched Mr Rogers, but he kind of freaked me out.  I didn’t have a DVR or even a VCR to tape things, we didn’t have movies on DVD or even VHS and we didn’t have on demand or youtube.  It was hit or miss Saturday mornings and most Saturday mornings my grandparents would be dragging me with to the grocery store.

My cartoons didn’t have a series of toys or accesories or books or spin off movies.  It’s amazing how different my childrens world is from mine.  Violence in cartoons like Tom and Jerry was not too much of a concern, like it is nowadays and for the record my child never watches cartoon network and never watches anything with guns or violence or superheroes.

So enter Phineas and Ferb into my life.  Here is a cartoon of today’s modern families.  Phineas and Ferb are part of a blended family of sorts.  Dr Doofenshmirtz has a great realtionship with his ex-wife and daughter.  All the parents involved with the main characters know each other.  It is a multi-cultural neighborhood, including Mr Fletcher who is British, which is what my husband is so my child can relate- otherwise he would only hear the accent once a year when the in-laws come around, because my husband has lost it since being here for so long. 

I love how children can watch these two half brothers having adventures,seeing other cultures and being creative.  I love how Dr Doofenshmirtz is evil but only to the funny extent at getting back at things like dry cleaners or hot dog vendors and still has a committed relationship with his daughter. 

It is just a good example of how cartoons have changed and how they are now entertaining for kids and parents, because many of the side comments of the characters are things kids don’t totally relate to, or odd pop culture references.  How great for today’s kids to see how diverse families are.

I just wish they’d make more episodes, because one can only watch Chez Platypus 40 times without needing something new.


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