Now I have a headache.  I’ve had one for most of the day for the past few days.  I am not a headache person.  I think it’s my blood pressure. I went off my pills a few weeks back, because my doctor thought I was doing good. 

I don’t like headaches.  My husband thinks it’s a tension headache since I’ve been pretty busy this past week and we just came back from vacation.  I just wish I didn’t have a headache.  It’s been starting after my vacation church school is ending and I love being there so the headache is distracting.  I also am in a charity walk today for the homeless so I want to feel good to be doing that.  I have cleaning to do, kids to take care of and a nap wouldn’t be too bad, but this headache is not good.

I just don’t want to have to go back on meds.  I want to think and know I am getting better, to think I am doing well and succeeding, but I guess it will all depend on what my doctor thinks.

Right now a headache is not want I want for my now.

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