Mama loves nature but I am not crunchy

Tonight I did a 2 mile walk as part of a 5K to raise money for the group Back on My Feet, which helps homeless individuals by engaging them in running to help them build themselves up and to build confidence.  It is a great program, one I read about in Guideposts.  So when some friends and my husband said they wanted to do the run, I said I’d do the walk.  I never expected it to be so beautiful.  I didn’t have my ipod- I was rushing from ting to thing this week.  But it was a trail along a river. There were beautiful trees and wildflowers.  There were tiny snapdragons and birds singing and a nice breeze. It was like stepping back in time.  There was a stone wall on the trail which could have been from as far back as colonial times or it was a good reproduction.  The air was clean and smelled like my childhood memories of playing in the trees and picking raspberries at my grandmother’s neighbors farm.  An earthy musty smell, which I love.  I was so happy.  Just me walking and my thoughts.  I wasn’t going super fast so there was not a lot of chatter.  I tried to be deep and pray while walking, but I just kept coming back to take in this nature, enjoy this.

I was so happy.  I am starting to realize that I am really an outdoor garden enjoying person.  I love the flowers and trees and birds in my garden.  I love the idea of English gardens, or secret gardens.  I love to watch God’s creation.  I love the vegetables I planted and eating the harvest of my snap peas.  It’s all great.  This summer I finally got a hydrangea, burning bush, and weeping pussy willow for my garden and I am trying so hard to keep them in good shape, since I am not much of a green thumb.  But I am really starting to appreciate nature and remember how much I love it.  I also just remembered my fourth grade class had a nature trail we created behind our school.  Our class worked so hard on that and we were so proud of it, I wonder if it’s still there. 

So I do love nature, but I don’t like bugs and bees and snakes and such so there is a limit to me enjoying myself in the great outdoors.  I love sitting in my yard and just being.  I love my plants and watching my kids.  I love that there is no where else in the world I want to be sometimes besides my yard and I am very thankful for it.  Plus it’s a tiny little piece of land, so it’s nice to know you can enjoy something without having too much.


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