Back to the books

So my husband and I were talking yesterday and without officially committing, I am about 96% sure as soon as my youngest is in school I am going to go back and do a different Master’s degree.  I am thinking I am going to go into counseling.  I’ve come to this conclusion because all month I am focusing on being content and career and while I want to have a flexible schedule so I can be the volunteer mom, I want to do something for myself also and having a career helping others is what I want.  I am excited.  I have a list of grad schools I am considering and the pros/cons of each.  I want my kids to see that they are still #1 but to also see that I am doing something that helps me to feel normal and to fit in.  It is just hard for me somedays to know that I went to college and grad school and I change diapers, grocery shop and watch Barney and clean my house all day.  That is fine and I love those things, but I miss learning and working and solving things.  So now that I have a sort of plan in mind I am very happy, feeling more content.  Now if I could just work on my jealousy issues.

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