Feeling Good Friday

So today I got to sleep in sort of.  The dog wanted to go out at 6am, so I let him out and then slept in on the sofa until about 9:30.  My kids were spending the night at my grandmothers.  Instead of having a date night last night, we went to Lowe’s.  Then came home and cleaned and organized all the kids toys.  This was after 2 weeks of Vacation Bible School, lots of heat, preparing for summer Sunday School lessons, normal cleaning and running kids to lessons and going straight from vacation to Vacation Bible School.

I was exhausted.  I was feeling burned out.  I loved my experience at Vacation Sunday School and it brought me back to a closer-ness with God.   I love seeing kids learning about Him and loving Him.

So I slept in today.  Then I got up because I had tons of things to work on before lunchtime when I went to get the kids.  I actually found myself procrastinating at my desk, because there was so much quiet and no kids to be tending too.  It was strange, lonely, but nice. 

So I did some cleaning, some lessons, some resting and I was recharged.  I was ready for today.  So it was a good feeling Friday, but it was nice to have the kids come home and bring some noise and action to our home again.


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