Girl Power in the Park

Today we went to the park.   I planned a playdate with my two best friends and their children last week.  Today we met up at this awesome park, that was recently redone and has some really cool obsticles for the little ones and this giant two story slide for the older kids.  Now my baby, my little girl who was a preemie, who was so small I couldn’t hold her for a week, who was so fragile I didn’t see her for four days, so can now hold her own.  She hasn’t even been in my world a whole two years yet, but she was scaling up a climbing wall, going down twisty slides and then climbing up the giant big kids covered slides and loving it.  She may not talk much but her face said it all as soon as we got there.  She was so happy and so excited.  I can not imagine being able to show that much happiness, I haven’t done that since I was little.  When do we stop showing extreme happiness?  I mean I have extreme happiness and joy, but I am never over the top giddy. I was so proud to see her going over these obstacles and challenges, she is a stronger willed person than I was when I was younger.  She is a fighter, they say that all preemies are little fighters and that is true.  Maybe they figure they need to hold their own and catch up for all the delicate time they had in the NICU, who knows?  All I know was mama was happy to be outside watching her kids, having a laid back lunch with my bestest friend and her kids, and super proud that my preemie is hard core and also girlie girlie when she wants to be- what an awesome mama day!

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