Story Time

Today I took my toddler to the library.  Last year we went but not for her storytime, for her brothers time.  I thought she would be old enough now to participate in the story time.  I was so excited because her little face lit up when she saw the other kids, the colorful rug they were sitting on.  She got excited when they did a little dance after reading one of the stories and attempted to color a picture.  It was precious. 

This is the summer I have been excited for.  When my oldest was super excited to be doing his summer reading program. When my youngest will sit and listen to me reading the stories to him.  I have been a book lover since I can remember.  I was the kid with a book in my face at the grocery store, in the car, out to eat, at home- anywhere.  I would read and read and read some more.  So for my kids to be excited to be read to and to be learning to read makes me so happy. 

Of all the things we can teach our kids, this is my favorite.  Reading to the kids and helping them find books is one of the greatest feelings about being a parent. 

Summer is easier when you can mix up the activities.  Going to the library has become one of my favorite activities.

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